Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Items #24: 47 Meters Down & #73: Zeppe's

I don't care for horror films at all.  I'm talking the nasty demon possessed Satanic garbage... but I do love me a hyper intense shark horror film.  

When we are planning our Summer List, we go through the movie trailers for films being released that summer.  I thought both my boys were going to die of excitement when they saw the trailer for 47 Meters Down, but especially Kai.  That boy LOVES his sharks.  He gets it from his dad. . . and his mom. . . pretty much there was no hope for him. 

I'm positive that my kids were glad the theater was dark and relatively empty except for 10 other people.  No doubt they were embarrassed of their mother that was curled up in the fetal position watching through the fabric of her shirt for 95% of the movie.  Now, I know what you're thinking: 

I thought you just said that you love a shark horror film?  

This is true.  But that doesn't mean my heart isn't pumping like crazy and shooting adrenaline through every vein in my body.  I love roller coasters but do I sweat profusely and occasionally scream profanities as I'm hurled through the air?  The answer is a resounding YOU BETCHA!!

I may love them, however, Jamie does not!  She was more than happy to be gone home for the weekend as we went. 

The movie definitely kept us on our toes, curled up, frantically breathing, feeling like we couldn't breathe,  and made me question every time I've gone in the ocean... and it was awesome!  Micheal would highly approve!

Of course we had to snag some Zeppe's to "calm us down".  I'm pretty sure it's in a medical journal somewhere. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Item #37: Wonder Woman & #91: The Mummy

 Usually by now, the hot weather really starts to kick in.  However, the last two days have been anything but.  Yesterday, the high only got to 56 degrees and today was about the same.  So, what do you do when it's cold and rainy out, your cousin doesn't have to work and there are no obligations till 7PM?  You go to the movies.... a lot... bundled up in hoodies.

I heard a lot of positive things about Wonder Woman and we were not disappointed. We went to the 10:15AM showing and it was nice and quiet.  Plus, you can't beat $5 tickets and $1.50 popcorn on Tuesdays.  It is definitely the time to go, especially for a double header.  It's awesome that Little Caesar's is just a short walk away since that was our nourishment between flicks. 

I had seen "The Mummy" trailers and was quite interested but also a little wary, wondering how creepy it might be.  It was hardly creepy at all and really action packed.  Isn't that how all Tom Cruise movies are?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  I love Tom Cruise movies! I was merely stating a fact.  This movie is park of the Dark Universe, I guess?  So I look forward to seeing what else might fit into that universe.
 Oh yeah, when we got home we got into our PJ's (at 4PM) and watched Parks and Recreation for the next eight hours straight.

It was the perfect lazy day!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Item #77: Wind Cave

The last time I hiked to the Wind Cave was with my friend, Mike Parker, way back in 2001, about two months before I started dating Micheal.  It was night time so I don't remember much of the scenery.  I also had finished my first marathon about a week before, so the trip back down did quite a number on my knees. 

I've had this hike on our summer list for the last three years --never accomplishing it-- and I decided that I just need to take action, buckle down, and do it.  It's difficult when there seems to be a million things at home to get done, but those things will still be there; these are precious family memories.

It was a fun hike but we didn't start till about noon so it was HOT!  There wasn't a hint of a breeze.  A guy passed us on our way up because he was using it as his run! I wanted to die just watching him.  When we got to the top, my Fitbit said that we had climbed the equivalent of 100 flights of stairs.  Let me tell you, my legs were definitely feeling it.   

I was the klutz that fell twice on the way back down.  I stumbled even more than usual, probably because of the heat.  I'm going to showcase a few bruises in the next few days for sure.

What a view!  We are definitely going to do this every year!

Tub Lovin'

What do you do after running at 6 AM with the cross country team? 
Well, if you're Kennet, you hop in the tub with a pillow and blanket and work on your 1000 dot to dots....

And also fall asleep bundled up in a cocoon.

At least it's an easy bed to make.   

Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Item #47: Aggie Ice Cream

Allison and I have been friends for as long as I can remember.  Her husband, Paul, went to school with us and graduated in my class.  He's super awesome!  We both lived in Las Vegas during the same time period and always joke that we saw each other more when we lived there than we do right now living in the same valley.  Schedules make it hard to get together sometimes and Allison and I will plan a simple dinner get together for months on end.  

Tonight we were able to meet up at Aggie Ice Cream on the fly for some yummy treats.  I always love catching up with these guys.  Their girls have grown up so fast and are so adorable! 

Quick pic: (can you tell that Kai was on his way to karate?)

I promise, my kids were excited to be there....

Now that's better.  All it takes is a little "encouragement" from mom.... AKA: death glares. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Chloee Turns 11!

This cutie turned 11 today!! It seems like only yesterday that she was born.  Chloee is such a sweet, sporty, funny, beautiful girl.  She loves Hamilton just as much as Kimberlee, Kennet and myself do.  We've already decided to take Kennet and Chloee to New York to see it on Broadway when Kennet graduates high school.  That's only six years from now.... whoa.

 Of course Kennet had to get a picture with the cake. 

Kimberlee was a sweetie and gave me the A and M together.  It's strange how the smallest things make me so happy. 

Happy birthday Miss Chlo Chlo!!  We love you!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Here We Go Summer 2017!

Last Day!

Hallelujah! Today is finally the last day of school!!  

It is crazy how much the boys grew during the school year.... 
Kai - First day of 8th grade                                                                                                              Kai - Last day of 8th grade


Kennet - First day of 6th grade                                                                                                      Kennet - last day of 6th grade

Aaaaand, I am officially done with elementary school!! That feels especially crazy!  Kennet graduated from 6th grade today and will be moving on to middle school in the fall. 

We have a tradition on the last day of school to get Subway sandwiches to eat at the cemetery with Micheal and tell him all about our school year.  We also tell him our goal that we have for next year in school and mine is to get my homework done before the day it's due.  I'm still chugging along and won't get my last day till July 20th. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


 This kid has been diligent in caring for his braces and today it paid off!

Look at that bright smile!  He said his teeth felt slimy without the braces. 

 Every since Kai got his braces on 18 months ago he has thought of one thing and one thing only.....
Eating a Sam's Club sized bag of Swedish Fish.  Which he did.  In two days!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Summer List Item #65: Pirates 5

Micheal and I saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie when Kai was about four months old.  He slept through the whole thing!  It's crazy to think that the movies are still coming out and he is 14 years old now!  Personally, they could make 20 of these and I would go see every one of them.  This one didn't disappoint.  

We had a glitch in the first 30 minutes that took a few minutes to fix and we got movie passes for being so patient. Wahoo!  Now we can put that towards another one of our summer movie checklist items. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mr. Sunshine

"Kennet, why do you look so upset in your class photo?"

"They wouldn't let me wear my coat and gloves for the picture..."

"Oh, of course."  The audacity!

I've had to become a pro at schooling my features when my kids (mostly Kennet) tell me these things with such seriousness. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Guns N Ships

It has been a busy month for Kennet and his theatrical events. Today was the school talent show where he lip synced the song "Guns N Ships" from the Broadway Musical "Hamilton"

His colonial costume he got for his birthday was specifically for this event, though I did not entirely foresee that my boots would never be mine again. 

Only on Monday, he said "I think I need a dance routine." 

"Now? You're just telling me this now?? Just keep moving across the stage and doing hand gestures and you'll be fine."


Wow. That was easier than I thought. This kid has way more courage and resilience than I ever had at that age. 

Way to go, Marquis de Lafayette