Monday, August 7, 2017

My First Podcast Interview

My dear friend, Lindsay, started up a podcast called Everyday Mormon Girl, where she describes it as:

"I believe in the beauty of everyday life and I created this podcast to share stories of real Latter Day Saint women just like you, including the struggles, triumphs, heartaches, and joys of our mortal experience."

Even though it is titled "Everyday Mormon Girl" the stories that are shared are uplifting and inspiring whether you are a member of the LDS church or not.  Lindsay's very first interview was her grandma, who became widowed at 36 years old with three young children when her husband took his own life. Listening to her story was amazing and I was hooked.

About six weeks ago, Lindsay asked me if I would be a guest on her podcast and I was so honored that she would think of me.  Besides, it meant that I got the chance to visit her and I'll never turn that down.  I admit that I was a bit nervous because I had never done a podcast interview before.  What would I sound like?  Would I trip over my words like I usually do?  How much would I still "talk" with my hands?  

The answers to those questions are just what I thought they'd be.  My voice sounded much deeper than I think it does (not quite Michael Clarke Duncan worthy, but still) I almost hardly finished a sentence before skipping onto the next thought my brain had, or I would say a lot of words with no actual information conveyed (22:30 is a prime example of this), and I gestured just as much with my hands as ever.  Micheal always told me that if I ever lost my hands for some reason that I'd become a mute.  Even though he was teasing me, it's sad how true that statement is in reality.

All in all, it was a touching experience for me to be a part of.  I love any chance that I get to talk about Micheal as it is a healing process for me, each and every time.  

If you want to brave the unfinished thoughts of my brain and the deep melodious sound of my voice, you can listen to it here. Check out the other interviews, too!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Item #50: Pioneer Trek

We've known about trek for at least six months.  When did I go in to find pioneer clothes?  Oh, only two days before they left.  Kai got to go up for the full three days while Kennet only went up the last day since he is under 14 years of age. 

 This dirt ball came home exactly as I saw him last, meaning he didn't change his clothes... at all.  The entire time.  I'm not sure why he packed anything besides a sleeping bag and pillow.  He didn't touch his deodorant or toothbrush.  Yes, I'm chronicling this for his wife and kids to read about one day. 

I love these two boys of mine, in all their dirty glory. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Item #11: Fireworks

I love that we were able to cross so many things off our summer list in one day!  We laughed that we walked 20 minutes up to my uncle's house and only spent 12 minutes watching fireworks before walking 20 minutes back.  

Today was the first time that I hit 30,000 steps in one day on my Fitbit.  I'd say that's a win. 

Summer Item #48: Water Balloon Fight

I love that we were able to just walk next door for our 4th of July BBQ to the Bair's house.  When they pulled out the water balloons after dinner, a water fight was inevitable... and achieved. 

Best faces ever!

Summer Item #98: Main Street Mile

"Mom, can I run with something during the Main Street Mile?"

"Sure, Kennet.  What do you want to run with?" (98.9% positive it was a flag)

"My Saruon mace."

[insert blank stare on my face]

"Y-yeah, that's fine . . . I guess."
And he did.  A lady at the end waiting for her kids to come in asked out loud "is that kid carrying a weapon?"  My sister had to reassure her it was all foam and cardboard, not real.  

Way to run for freedom, Dark Lord Sauron. 

Summer Item #54: Freedom Run 15K

There was a time when Kennet didn't even want to run the Main Street Mile.  Granted, it is at noon when it is pretty hot, so it's understandable.  This year, he did both the Freedom Run and the main street mile!  I was shocked!

This would have been Kai's third year doing it but he ended up running a fever the night before so he had to sit it out this year. 

My dad told Kennet that if he beat him he'd pay him $20.  At the starting line, Kennet asked me if it was ok if he ran ahead.  I had no problem with it and expected to catch up to him in a mile or two but I didn't even see him till mile 8!  Apparently, he was running himself into the ground trying to beat my dad and stayed ahead of him for at least six miles.  My dad, wanting to preserve his grandchildren, told Kennet that he would pay him the $20 anyway for effort.  We had a fun time running the last 1.3 miles together and always get to wave at my grandparents at the Hyrum McDonalds.  

My dear friends, Shauna and Braquel.  Braquel is Shauna's daughter and recently lost her six-month old son, Colt, to SIDS.  These ladies are absolutely AMAZING! Their whole family is!  They ran for Colt and wore these awesome blue bands with his name on them so we can take him on our adventures.  I was so honored that Braquel gave me one so Colt can join us on our adventures. 

My dad, Kennet, and myself.  My dad always carries that flag the whole 9.3 miles in honor of Micheal and all those that have given their lives for our freedom. 

Kennet's first year running and he wins this water bottle in the rewards drawing.  I've run it ten years and never won anything.  I guess he didn't inherit my luck (or lack thereof). 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Item #45: Old-Fashioned Photos

My kids asked me what my favorite thing at Lagoon is...

"The old-fashioned pictures."

"What?! That's not even a ride!"

They were quite disappointed in me after they asked me my favorite ride and I still told them it was old-fashioned photos. 

I keep a collection on one of my walls downstairs and our first one was from 2009 when Halle was only four months old.  It's fun to see how much the kids have changed over the years. 

Summer Item #52: Lagoon

My sister and her husband's company, Apollo Engineering, had a Lagoon day and were kind enough to invite us.  Jamie and her friend, Austin, were also able to come. 

Surprisingly, the weather was quite nice with a cool breeze. I love going now that my kids are old enough to go off on their own if they wanted.  Apparently, they redid the Terror Ride and it would make sense why the line was crazy long all day.  We got there three minutes too late since they had shut ride down for the night. 

Dracula's castle

Kennet and Liam were best buds all day!  It didn't hurt that Kennet hates roller coasters so he was perfectly happy to go on Liam approved rides. 

After we did our old-fashioned photos, I took Liam in his little car stroller to take the pics out to the car.  We barely made it out of Pioneer Village before he fell asleep sitting up, so we found a nice shady bench where he could sleep on me instead. 

Austin had gone paddle boarding with Jamie the day before and so we had to check every now and then to make sure they hadn't been stolen. 

It wasn't until hours later that we noticed the guy that photobombed in the background. 

Austin, Jamie, Kai, Kennet, Amy, Kimberlee, Halle, Chloee, and the McKay girls

What a fabulous day!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kennet's Sauron Mace

I've never been very domesticated, but I sure do love when my boys give me a challenge.  Kennet's most recent request was a Sauron mace.  I have to say that I am most grateful for the talent of others and their willingness to share them online with the rest of us that don't have a clue what to do.  

I initially started out this project at home and it was a big, fat fail.   Part of the instructions dealt with clay.  Bad idea.  The lady's turned out great.  Mine was far from it.  I decided to just use the foam board instead.  Buying it all reminded me of this meme that I love:  

Kennet was gone to his Grandma's all week with Kai down in American Fork while I finished his mace.  He was a very happy boy when he got home... not that you would know since I forgot to get a picture of it.  

Story of my life.