Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Birthday Kai Kai!

I cannot believe this guy is 15 years old today! 

In so many ways, it seriously feels like yesterday he was born.  Kai has always been our "teasy cat" (a nickname his dad gave to him) and I love watching his sarcasm come out. He has some really good zingers, just like his dad. 

Kai didn't really specify what kind of cake he wanted this year, but my friend Cynthia sent me a picture text one day of a shark cake that she said made her think of Kai (he is always telling her shark facts).  It looked perfect for Kai and easy to do, so I hunted it down.  Turns out it is made with the cake mold from the barbie doll dresses (apparently it's called a wonder mold; I'm cake illiterate). My mom has made more than her fair share of barbie cakes so I knew she'd have the mold.  Kai LOVED it! It wasn't till after he got home from school that we decided that it needed some blood, like all good shark attacks. 

We recently started a new tradition where I bring lunch to the kids on their birthdays.  Of all the places, Kai chose Subway.... which is fine, it made it super easy for me since there is one in Hyrum, it just made me chuckle.  We drove up to the church parking lot by the elementary school and he wolfed down a footlong, chips, drink, and cookie in less than 10 minutes. The metabolism of a teenage boy.

We ate dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe and tried to NOT watch the Olympics on the tv screen because we were a few days behind on our DVR.  Micheal helps me choose a book for the boys each year and this year it was "Ripleys Believe it or Not: Eye Shattering Volume".  I love those books!

Micheal and I sure are blessed to have such a happy go lucky kid that is kind and responsible. 
Happy Birthday our (not so little anymore) Rumpkin! We love you!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sun N' Snow

While our respective family members were in St George enjoying the vast warmth.....

 This is what we were dealing with back home....

Friday, February 9, 2018

Jamustin's Engagement!

Jamie and Austin are finally engaged!  We knew it was coming sometime soon, but Austin was very good at deceiving Jamie with false clues and motives.  They traveled up to Bear Lake to his family's cabin and Bear Lake is a place that had a pivotal role in their relationship.  They love to skip rocks and Austin had set up his phone to do a time lapse. (tricky little Hobbit)  Only a minute or two in, Austin told Jamie he needed to ask her a question and knelt down.  How romantic!  I was literally screaming with excitement in my car in the garage (that's when I received the text)!

Tonight was also the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. It was the perfect way to top off the evening!  Jamie LOVES the Olympics and I had found some super cheap Team USA garb at Old Navy for us all to wear.  Kennet also asked them to get a picture wearing their patriotic attire with his water balloon he named "Shaun".  We got a heart-shaped pizza in honor of the love birds and Kennet carved an "A+J" into it. 

It was one the coolest opening Olympics I've ever seen and we had a blast lounging on the couch eating ice cream and gummy snacks.

Congratulations Jamie and Austin! We are so excited for May 10th!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl LII

I didn't get many pictures this year from the Super Bowl.  All I really remember is that the Eagles beat the Patriots, Justin Timberlake sang for the half-time show, and that Stockton won $10 of our possible $20 you can win. Kelsey got $5 and Kennet got the other $5. 

Kim's poor family was sick so they stayed home and played games. They had numbers drawn as well and everybody won some money except for Halle and Chloee. It was a complete uproar at their house and we laughed so hard!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Greatest Showman

To say that I love this movie, feels like an immense understatement.  This is one that I can see over and over and over again in the theaters and never get tired of it.  I saw it the first time back in December with my cuz, Emily and her husband, Eric.  I bought the soundtrack in the parking lot after the movie got out.  

I knew from the very moment I saw it that Kennet would love it.  And I was right.  He kept going to the bathroom or hiding his face during the movie.  When I asked him about it, he said that he didn't want to see PT Barnum fail and it was hard to watch. I love that kid!  It's not too surprising that that is who he wants to dress up as now for Halloween. 

I took the kids last night and then went again this morning with my mom and sister.  We all cried through the whole movie. Its so good!! Afterwards we went to one of our favorites, Mandarin Garden.  It's been a long time since we've done that and need to make sure we do it more often. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Blasts From The Past

I've been on a really big dejunking/organization spree lately, and part of this has included organizing and cataloging photos so I can scan them to be put into books.  

Oh man, some of those took me down some awesome memory lanes, such as.....
First Grade (gotta love the sponge curlers from the night before)

Fifth Grade

Ninth Grade: Front: me, Andrea, Taneea.  Back: Nicole, Julie, Angela

Micheal, me, and Kai; Fall 2003
Funny story behind this photo: We acquired this free photo shoot by going to some old hotel and listening to a spiel of some sort that I can't even remember. I remember Micheal and I both laughing while cursing my name that I got us involved in this. The background and our clothing just makes me laugh out loud. A favorite memory of mine.   

 Me, Micheal, Kennet and Kai; January 2005 (living in Las Vegas)

 Our family; July 13, 2006  (this was almost three weeks after Kai had his skull fracture)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

While Josh is away, the girls and kids will play..... or stuff ourselves at Kabuki.  I've heard it both ways.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

40 Years!

This year is a big year!  Micheal turned 40 years old on the 19th of January!  

Originally, we had planned to go to a hotel in Salt Lake, but upon further discussion on New Years Day with Kimberlee, we decided to really celebrate it up for Micheal reaching such a milestone.  So Disneyland it was!  We are blessed to receive an amazing military discount with the park and hotels there.  It was also the first time that Kim and Josh's kids were flying. I think they hardly slept for a week before we went. 

The funny part is that while we were celebrating Micheal, we went to probably one of his greatest nightmares.  The crowds alone would make his skin crawl.  I think he was rather content celebrating with us from above.  


How sweet Kennet was with Liam.

The guy who fell on the bus and we were laughing about something totally different but it seemed we were laughing at him.

Annie and the kids being able to meet us at Disneyland for a day.

Annie with Logan's face.

Annie's funny text
          "Thanks we had a great time yesterday!! Hope the rest of the vacation is a blast! I guess let’s be realistic let the good parts be great enough that it makes up for all the crappy parts where your like why are we here? and paying money for this. 😀 love you both."

Kim’s bag being checked both ways

The crazy lady that watched me inhale my food 🦀 

Kai and his Poultry Palace impersonations.

So many butt cracks.

When Kim and Josh's Lyft never came to get them from the airport.

When we all went out our door and the latch was still on my door and we couldn't get in.

When Kai was walking around in just his towel and it almost fell off.

When we accidentally left Halle on the carousel

When we almost left Kai in the bathroom when we were all in New Orleans.

Thinking my driver was taking us to the wrong airport. 

When Josh beat me at buzz... He just informed Kim to use the word "slaughtered"

Eating giant turkey legs late at night.

When Kai ate everyone's food at that pizza place. 🍕

How many times Kennet rode zurg.

The guy getting ready to kill me on pirates on the back row.

All the Disneyland fanatics.

Kim riding Monsters Inc 11 times in a row with Liam.

The guy in the Buzz line with his hand on his bare behind.

The Monster's Inc ride that broke down on Kai, Chloee and Halle.

The lady who ignored me on the bench when I asked if I could sit there. 😂

The fact that Space Mountain shut down right as Kim was going to ride it.

Going all over through that super nice hotel to try and cut some time off our way back. 😂

When Liam tripped and I almost ran over him on the stretch back.

Kai slurping the dole whip in that super annoying fashion😂

Running into our neighbors, the Willardson's.

When I forgot to hold Liam on the bus and he went sliding off the seat like butter in a skillet

That picture of Halle at the airport, so annoyed that the flight was delayed.

How Kim had to change Liam's pants in the airport because they got a little wet.

The Days Inn laundry room smell.

Not being able to get to our hotel room on the last night after checking out the pool.

My sucky driving at Autopia but looking super cool while doing it. 

Waiting FOREVER and then some for the toy story midway mania ride the first time we went.

The fact we all had to share a bed and Josh and Kim slept on their own beds.

Halle dancing, asking for money. 😂

That teenager behind Kim and Annie that said, "When I get up and ready in the morning, I want to stand out, but not because I look weird, but because I look amazing!"

Paying $3 for a juice box.

Late night room service.

Halle's crazy hair. 

When Chloee licked Kennet's neck.

Stefan's hollow leg.

The guy in the Haunted Mansion line complaining about all the Mormons.

Kai telling Chloee that all he wants is for Josh to respect him as a man.

Happy 40th Birthday, sweetheart!