Thursday, May 10, 2018

Jamie + Austin

It feels like we have been waiting for this day for forever! Jamie and Austin got married today in the Mt Timpanogos LDS Temple!

We have had the wonderful privilege of Jamie living with us for the past 18 months while she went to USU.  In those 18 months, we've witnessed a lot of her relationship with Austin bloom.

I remember seeing it start on my end when Austin contacted me in late March/early April 2017 because he was making a gift for Jamie's birthday that was cards from her loved ones with a word and a saying on the back about why we love her.  I didn't want Jamie to find out so I changed Austin's contact info in my phone to Jane Austin, just in case she was sitting by me if a text came through. 

Of course there was the infamous paddle boarding/Lagoon days where they were able to talk through their relationship because Jamie finally let Austin get around to the topic. Haha! We saw more and more of Austin, and even dubbed the green room downstairs "Austin's room". 

Fast forward just under a year from Lagoon and here we are. What a beautiful day! It was overcast which was perfect both for pictures and my sweat stains not getting bigger.  The sealing was amazing and I couldn't help but ponder on my own sealing to my Micheal 16 years ago.  Eternity is the only way to go.  I know he was there.  To say that I am happy for Jamie and Austin would be a huge understatement.  I'm beyond ecstatic! They truly are perfect for one another. 

One of the funniest pictures that I took (unknowingly) is where Austin is holding Kennet's hands because he is looking at his gloves but with the faces, lighting, and postures it totally looks like some weirdo poster from the 80's or something.  We all died looking at it at the luncheon.  

Speaking of luncheon, that was delicious! The chicken was so tender and since my stomach was squeaking during the entire sealing, it was finally happy to be fed.  We watched their movie with baby pictures and interviews.  Austin made us all cry with the way he talked about Jamie and what she means to him.  Jamie's dad, Scott, gave the best toast I've ever heard.  He always has the best jokes and stories.

Their reception was at a place called "The Loft" at Thanksgiving Point.  It was great to see so many old ward members at it.  Like a mini family reunion.  

My favorite part of everything though was seeing Jamie and Austin laugh together, hold hands, and be filled with excitement for their new adventure.  They beyond deserve it.  We miss Jamie like crazy at our home, but I cannot imagine anyone or anything better for her.   

We love you Jamustin!  Have a fabulous time in Orlando!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Birthday Kai Kai!

I cannot believe this guy is 15 years old today! 

In so many ways, it seriously feels like yesterday he was born.  Kai has always been our "teasy cat" (a nickname his dad gave to him) and I love watching his sarcasm come out. He has some really good zingers, just like his dad. 

Kai didn't really specify what kind of cake he wanted this year, but my friend Cynthia sent me a picture text one day of a shark cake that she said made her think of Kai (he is always telling her shark facts).  It looked perfect for Kai and easy to do, so I hunted it down.  Turns out it is made with the cake mold from the barbie doll dresses (apparently it's called a wonder mold; I'm cake illiterate). My mom has made more than her fair share of barbie cakes so I knew she'd have the mold.  Kai LOVED it! It wasn't till after he got home from school that we decided that it needed some blood, like all good shark attacks. 

We recently started a new tradition where I bring lunch to the kids on their birthdays.  Of all the places, Kai chose Subway.... which is fine, it made it super easy for me since there is one in Hyrum, it just made me chuckle.  We drove up to the church parking lot by the elementary school and he wolfed down a footlong, chips, drink, and cookie in less than 10 minutes. The metabolism of a teenage boy.

We ate dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe and tried to NOT watch the Olympics on the tv screen because we were a few days behind on our DVR.  Micheal helps me choose a book for the boys each year and this year it was "Ripleys Believe it or Not: Eye Shattering Volume".  I love those books!

Micheal and I sure are blessed to have such a happy go lucky kid that is kind and responsible. 
Happy Birthday our (not so little anymore) Rumpkin! We love you!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sun N' Snow

While our respective family members were in St George enjoying the vast warmth.....

 This is what we were dealing with back home....

Friday, February 9, 2018

Jamustin's Engagement!

Jamie and Austin are finally engaged!  We knew it was coming sometime soon, but Austin was very good at deceiving Jamie with false clues and motives.  They traveled up to Bear Lake to his family's cabin and Bear Lake is a place that had a pivotal role in their relationship.  They love to skip rocks and Austin had set up his phone to do a time lapse. (tricky little Hobbit)  Only a minute or two in, Austin told Jamie he needed to ask her a question and knelt down.  How romantic!  I was literally screaming with excitement in my car in the garage (that's when I received the text)!

Tonight was also the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. It was the perfect way to top off the evening!  Jamie LOVES the Olympics and I had found some super cheap Team USA garb at Old Navy for us all to wear.  Kennet also asked them to get a picture wearing their patriotic attire with his water balloon he named "Shaun".  We got a heart-shaped pizza in honor of the love birds and Kennet carved an "A+J" into it. 

It was one the coolest opening Olympics I've ever seen and we had a blast lounging on the couch eating ice cream and gummy snacks.

Congratulations Jamie and Austin! We are so excited for May 10th!